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Sticky Post

**Link to (most) past circles, feedback, and important notes regarding circles**

All updates will be posted here an an entry; that's the quickest method. Updates will be posted in sinandsalvation as time and rules permit. If you have issues with your order, please note so in the subject so your comment pops as opposed to being a normal reply. ^^; Hopefully I don't get many of these...I'm trying for the perfect circle.

Current circles

SHIPPED circles:
BPAL Kabuki and Gatekeeper- Shipped 7/27.
Blooddrop Summer Simplicities- Shipped week of July 13th
Only Lovers Left Alive and Lunacy
Blooddrop Summer Horses


Annnnd just got in from work

So shipping...tomorrow. Sigh >< I'm sorry, the weekdays are just sucky for decanting. Please address all angry letter to my fail PO.

Blooddrop retrieved!

Finally X_X

Somewhere between points A and C, I forgot Just Because and Soft Wood 2....ordering them now. People with those scents will have their packages shipped without them, and I'll ship the missing scents as soon as I get them from Astrid.
Hopefully I don't have to work overtime Monday, so I'll be shipping by Wednesday. :/ I'm so sorry, everyone.
Please check LJ or your e-mail. I've gone through and messed with the system to try to figure out what's low stock, nad purchased anything that I remotely had interest in, and messaged or e-mailed everyone who had qustionable bottles.
Thanks for your patience over the holidays, everyone ^-^ I hope yours have been splendid or, at the very least, restful.

As my gift to you all for being awesome, I'm upgrading domestics to priority for free, charging only the first-class rate. For those that would be going priority anyway due to your order (or you're international), I'm discounting the shipping.

As a reminder, you access subject and comments by clicking 'Classic Site' once you get to the 'send money' page.

Blooddrop Winter in

Decanting...tomorrow? Invoices after decanting. Won't expect replies with the holidays though ^_~


Crystal_Star_SS decants/GO

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